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I'm prego and when a prego lady has to eat, she has to eat and the Dixie direct feeds me and my baby.

- Stefanie Chaves

Endless date night ideas, just flip it open and what to do is solved.

I love that Dixie Direct helps me discover all the hidden treasures I never knew about right here in my own backyard!

- Miki Mosley

Product is legit, more importantly I'm a strong believer in serving the community and DD is second to none when it comes to that. Go UTES!

- Brian Virgin

I haven't missed a year with a Dixie Direct card for as long as I remember. I love love saving money!

- Kris Garn Lewis

I love that half the money goes to my kids' school.

Matthew Lowe

It let's me try things we wouldn't normally try! And places we wouldn't normally go! We love our Dixie Direct

- Chanlee Landon Rogers

The 2015 Dixie Direct Has Arrived!

Get your hands on the latest deals in Southern Utah.