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Helping Southern Utah Save Money for Over 20 Years with the Savings Guide!

Locally owned and operated, the Dixie Direct Savings Guide is an established and proven kind of advertising in Southern Utah!

This type of advertising has been proven effective all over the nation by increasing foot traffic, cash flow, and gaining new customers. 

What Makes Us Unique?

When you advertise with Dixie Direct, you are not simply taking a chance that someone will notice your ad. Customers are paying money just to look at and use your ad. After they enjoy your service, you have a new customer! The low cost is a one time price that will bring in new customers all year long!

Distribution of Dixie Direct

Marketing to our local community, tourists and new families moving into the area, Over 80% of the guides are sold through schools, scouts, athletic, dance, and music groups, as well as other various organizations as part of their annual fundraising efforts. Other guides are also available at various retail locations all over Southern Utah and Mesquite for $35 each.

Simple to Use

A one year membership includes a quality guide and a membership card. Customers simply see your ad in the guide, come to your business, and show their card to obtain the discount. 

Everyone Benefits

Participating groups keep one half of all the money from the books they sell ($17.50 per guide). In 2016 Dixie Direct helped local schools and organizations raise over $200,000. Customers can save thousands of dollars all year long and merchants will gain new customers, increased foot traffic and increased cash flow. 

Dixie Direct is a company that will bring the merchants, consumers, fund-raising groups, and community together for mutual benefit.

If you would like information on how the Dixie Direct Savings Guide could help promote your business, contact us or call (435) 628-3770.

We offer very competitive rates with significantly better results than many traditional means of advertising. Contact us today.


Dixie Direct Green Pages-- It's like money in your mail!

If you missed out on advertising in our Dixie Direct Savings Guide or want to add direct-mail to your marketing strategy, then we have the PERFECT SOLUTION for you!

The Dixie Direct Green Pages is our quarterly direct-mail publication that is sent out to 63,000 homes & businesses in Washington County. 

Our coverage is all inclusive-- we don't leave anyone out in our mailings based on demographics. Our rates are the best in St. George and the community loves the additional savings they receive throughout the year. 

This booklet has limited space--- so contact us today to advertise!

If you would like information on how the Green Pages could help promote your business, contact us or call (435) 628-3770.

Southern Utah's
#1 Way to Save!
Save Up to 50% on Dining,
Golf, Entertainment & More!
No Upfront
Keep 50% of
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Southern Utah's
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